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We’re a family of inspired individuals who truly believe in transforming the Indian education system for the better. We aspire to ignite imagination, break through inhibitions and help students replace doubt with fearlessness.

How it Works

1. Plan your course

Planning is the first and most important phase of creating your Unschool course. Organized and engaged courses result in the best student experience, which means higher class reviews, longer watch times, and more students. In addition, putting in the effort to plan your class carefully will make the production phase much easier since you’ll be fully prepared to create your course content.

How we help you
The Unschool team is always at your disposal for help with Video editing, Lesson plan creation or your Course design. We have Product Managers who are experienced mentors/teachers and can help you with everything from scratch.

2. Create your course

Lights, camera, action
We aim to make our courses extremely fun and interactive. We use lessons in the form of text, videos, images, PDFs, presentations etc; to suit the need of the coach the students as well. Coaches are always surprised by how easy it is to record video lessons at home without breaking the bank. In fact, many of our most successful teachers use their computers to film themselves. As long as you follow our best practices for achieving clear audio and video quality, your course content will shine.

How we help you
Our Product team is available to help and offers free review of your videos. And our online instructor community is here to offer advice and inspiration. Camera shy? No Worries. Use screencasting and recording tools to deliver your content.

3. Build Your Community

Being a Coach on Unschool means access to a wide range of resources and a chance to make meaningful relations with other brilliant coaches who are renowned in their own fields. Also, the Community section of your course is an area for students to interact by asking questions and sharing tips and resources. As a coach, it’s your job to spark conversations and inspiring interaction. Create quizzes, exercises, and assignments to build interactivity.

How we help you
We provide all the tools for messaging, Q&As, course announcements, and quizzes, all in one place. In addition, get free access to all events and forums hosted by Unschool and get a chance to meet great minds in the community!









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Happy Coaches

I am extremely thankful to Unschool for giving me a platform to help create an impact on the society – helping the future of society, the students. I feel exceptionally honoured for the same and really look forward to help students with pursuing their dreams.

Tushar Dhyani

Coach – Artificial Intelligence

Being a part of Unschool is a privilege for me. It gives me a lot of motivation and happiness to share my knowledge and skills among others, and getting a tag of the ‘Coach’ is honorableUnschool not only gave me a huge platform to impart my skills but also helped me build a huge knowledge sharing community and network.

Urvesh Thakkar

Coach – Ethical Hacking

From our Coaches

Online Education - The way ahead.

Online Education - The way ahead.

Narayanan S, Coach - Soft Skills

“Coaching on Unschool provides a passive income stream, and that fuels your careers or dreams that seemed far away.”

Online Teaching is for you!

Online Teaching is for you!

Aarushi Nayyar, Copywriter - Coca Cola

“You might have heard about teachers or freelancers who’ve made the decision to work from home. You may also have read about the many qualified educators who opt to teach online.”

Teach online and earn 20,000 sitting at home!

Teach online and earn 20,000 sitting at home!

Rahul Varma, Coach - Entrepreneurship

Well, for one, there are expensive overheads in education. There is a lack of teachers who are willing to accept teaching positions in the areas that need it most.”

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Joining Unschool’s community is a simple process. Click on “Join Us” and fill the application. Our team will get in touch with you within 72 hours via email/phone regarding your application selection status. And within a week after that, you are on-boarded as a Coach on Unschool.

What can I teach on Unschool?

Unschool is a platform that is an online learning eco-system for teachers and learners. And hence there is no restriction to what you can teach on Unschool. We will host your course as long as you believe in yourself and have a passion in the field.

As a Coach, how much time should I be working?

Coaches at Unschool take 3-4 weeks on an average to complete their course content. 

After course content creation, 4-6 hours per week is the only time duration that would be expected from a Coach.

Is there a selection criteria for the Coaches?

Yes, Unschool follows a 2 step screening process which involves two tests: Skill-based and Communication-based. After your application is shortlisted, you are required to submit a lesson plan for the course you want to teach on Unschool, and 2 videos of you teaching 2 different topics of the course. 

How much does a Coach get paid?

At Unschool, we promote your course and you are paid for every sale (royalty). In addition to Unschool’s marketing, you can promote your own course among your community and peers to earn more royalty per each sale.

The royalty details for your course and application will be given to you by our team before the screening process. 

Does the work involve travel?

No. As a Coach, you do not need to travel anywhere. The whole course and mentorship are done from home/office/college.

Unschool organises events where Coaches and like-minded people come together. All Coaches have access to these events throughout the country.


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